Green Sorb – an environmentally-friendly multi-purpose absorbent green cleaner.


If you’re concerned about leaving less of carbon footprint and caring for the environment Green Sorb is the product for you. It is arguably the world’s most eco-friendly, effective, sustainable premium absorbent on the market today. It is non-toxic, non-flammable, non-reactive, non-corrosive and non-oxidizing.


Green Sorb is extremely versatile in its ability to absorb oil of all types & viscosity, jet fuels, diesel, nearly all acids (except hydroflouric), solvents, greases, caustic fluids, blood, urine, paint, sewage and more. It is already the choice of 3 major airlines for their maintenance facilities.


Green Sorb can make hazardous waste non-hazardous. It works on toxic spills, oil spills, reclaiming oil, and environmental contaminations. This reuseable product meets environmental needs for brownfield cleanups, Oil and water separations, cleaning oil spills, creating oil-free water and more.


It has been tested safe by Argonne (US Dept of Energy), Illinois Technical Institute, The Univeristy of Illinois, and Northwestern University. It has USDA approval for use in food industry, It also meets EPA guidelines on hazardous water – passing the RCRA TCLP test even after oil spill.


A versatile multi-purpose green absorbent and cleaner. We stock this product in many sizes!


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